• No preservatives
  • All-natural
  • No refined sugar added
  • High in antioxidants
  • Delicious
  • Low calorie
  • Handmade
  • Infused with Superfoods
  • Energizing
  • Great for kids
  • Mostly organic ingredients
Goji Berries have more beta-
carotene than carrots by weight,
to fight heart diease! [read

GG News

On 6/6/12, the Chicago Tribune wrote, "Why we love them: They're stuffed with a superfruit that offers antioxidants — the goji berry; they contain walnuts that provide fiber; and they've got ginger, often used as a remedy for heartburn or nausea."

Goji Gourmet was featured in the 2011 CRAVE New York City guide book!
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In June 2011, Goji Gourmet was featured in Delicious Living Magazine as the Editor's Choice! "Tender, tiny, not too sweet - these are my new fave afternoon-tea treat," by Susan Enfield Esrey, senior editor.
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On 12/3/10, Goji Gourmet's goji berry cookies were featured on ABC's The View with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. Sherri Shepherd says, "This goji cookie is GOOD..I like it!"
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Denise Richards
Oh my! Thank you so much for my Goji snacks! Love them
I've only had chocolate covered [goji berries] and had no idea of all of these amazing snacks! Thank you so much!

xoxo Denise Richards

Cooking Channel
Featured on the premiere of the Cooking Channel's FoodCrafters show on 5/31/10!
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Pilates Style May June Cover
"Antioxidant-rich and mostly organic, Goji Gourmet cookies are made without preservatives or refined sugar - and each satisfying treat has just 25 calories," as featured in the Pilates Style May/June 2010 magazine.
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Rachael Ray
As featured on the Rachael Ray Show as the "Snack of the Day" on 1/6/10!

"Low-cal desserts always win big in our book, and four of these little cookies will edge off a sweet tooth better than any 100-calorie pack. Plus, the cookies keep a just-out-of-the-cookie-jar taste and a little dose of figure-friendly fiber in each bite." www.health.com

"Every once in a while I find a treat that gets an A for taste and then goes above and beyond for a little healthy extra credit...My favorite flavor is the slightly-sweet, slightly-salty Goji Almond Oat variety. My favorite part? I can eat up to eight of the nutritious treats and still stay within my 200 calorie treat range" SELF Magazine HealthyBites, www.self.com

Goji Gourmet was featured on Vital Juice, "Most importantly, they don't taste 'healthy'. In fact, we had to restrain ourselves from eating the entire large bag of the cherry cacao and the orange mint chip flavors."
Tanya Zuckerbrot
"Goji berries have more than 8x the antioxidants than pomegranates! For a sweet, high-antioxidant treat, try Goji Gourmet's Goji Berry Cookies!" Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD is the creator of the popular F-Factor Diet, www.ffactor.com
"Goji Gourmet cookies are to die for! Not only are they delish but they are packed with the new superfruit, goji berries. They're great for kids too and go well in their school lunch box. We love your cookies!" Tammy & Lyssie, The Nutrition Twins, www.nutritiontwins.com
Goji Gourmet was featured on the Obsessions page of Skinny and the City's website, “I found the perfect guilt-free dessert packaged as mini cookies…Go ahead and indulge: At $3.25 per package these decadent treats are not only easy on your waistline, they’re easy on your wallet, too!” www.skinnyandthecity.com

Featured in SnackGirl.com, "One holy grail of healthy snack foods is the healthy cookie. A tasty cookie, that has natural ingredients, and won't make you fat is a beautiful thing. My favorites are the Ginger Walnut and the Almond Oat." www.snack-girl.com

Featured in the Gourmet Girl Magazine blog, “For those of you who are serious about finding healthy snacks for yourself or your family, who enjoy letting the ingredients speak for themselves as nature intended, these are worth a try.” www.gourmetgirlmagazine.com

"The ginger walnut and cherry cacao were our favorites, but nearly all complimented the taste of the goji berry. At around 25 calories per cookie and with a nice balance of texture, moisture and density, the cookies offer a great way to infuse antioxidants into snack-time." Cool Hunting www.coolhunting.com

"As a nutritionist, I am always looking for healthy treats that I can confidently recommend to my clients that will satisfy their sweet tooth without derailing their diet. Goji Gourmet cookies are on top of my list since they offer tons of taste and nutrition without added fat or sugar, two ingredients which can wreak havoc on your health and your diet. These bite size cookies are a sweet treat you can feel good about, I know I do,"

Amy W. Shapiro RD/CDN,
Amy is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and Founder of AWS Nutrition and she specializes in weight loss, general wellness, pre/post natal nutrition and pediatric nutrition as well as GI tract disorders (IBS, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac), Hyperlipidemia, Food Allergies and Diabetes.

"Don’t let yourself get too hungry between meals. A protein-rich snack (a few nuts, a couple of whole-grain crackers and some hummus, a hard-boiled egg or 2 Goji Gourmet cookies with organic skim milk) will stabilize your blood sugar and make you much less likely to overeat later,"

Rachel Lerner,
Rachel is a certified nutritional consultant, fitness nutrition coach and Founder of Personal Web Nutrition. Her contact information is: rachel@personalwebnutrition.com or 917-885-0052.
"The winter is here so try to have a few of the delicious Goji Gourmet cookies, which are rich with vitamin B to prevent cracking lips and irritations inside of your mouth,"

Dr. David J. Poiman DMD, FAGD,
www.nylaserdentist.com, (212) 371-1414.
Dr. Poiman is a highly reputable dentist in NYC and has stayed on the cutting edge of dentistry through post-graduated education courses. He has established himself as one of the most technologically advanced dentists in Manhattan.

Keri Glassman
"Like most people, I’ve got a little bit of a sweet tooth. Just two delicious Goji Cherry Cacao cookies are the perfect nutritious treat to satisfy my craving. Plus, 2 cookies are only 50 calories and they’re loaded with antioxidants,"

Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN and founder/President of A Nutritious Life,
www.NutritiousLife.com, 212-414-4077.
Keri is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and author of The O2 Diet and the Snack Factor Diet.

Jamie G
"As a Health and Lifestyle Counselor, rarely do I recommend pre-packaged foods to my clients. However, Goji Gourmet is one yummy acception! I wouldn't even called them packaged food. They are more like deliciously healthy homemade cookies in a well decorate bag. What a find!! Goji Gourmet uses well-sourced, antioxidant rich ingredients and NEVER adds preservatives or refined sugar to their cookies. This is certainly one sweet treat you can eat guilt free! Enjoy."

Jamie G, Dougherty is the owner and founder of JAMIE|LIVING, Health and Lifestyle consulting. She is an AADP certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor with a private and corporate practice that offers assistance nationwide. Visit www.jamieliving.com and get delicious recipes at www.jamieliving.blogspot.com

These little cookies satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of the meal! Also a great healthy option for cooks and restaurant professionals who are needing to refuel during a busy night!"

Culintro, LLC is a New York organization that unifies professionals in the restaurant industry. Members receive insights on major trends, access to related trades, and resources for powerful networking.

"Goji Gourmet cookies may be tiny but they are mighty! They make a great in-between meal time snack. Even though these cookies are low in calories, they have an unbelievable ability to satisfy hunger and provide a quick and delicious pick me up. I especially love the soft and chewy texture. I feel good snacking on Goji Gourmet cookies because they do not contain preservatives and are packed full of antioxidants and tons of other good stuff. Goji Gourmet cookies are made with goji berries, a powerful Superfood. This snack actually works with your body to naturally help improve your health."

Lynn Swinger is a Registered Dietitian and member of the American Dietetic Association currently working in the HyVee Health Market.

Pediatric Nutrition
"These 100-calorie packs are much healthier than other brands’ 100 calorie packs because they contain what is called a "functional" food. You are getting your cookie fix, with the extra benefits that Goji berries provide."

Rebecca Thomas, RD, LDN, is a clinical dietitian. As a dietitian and mom, Rebecca is passionate about providing healthy, handy snacks to children. She truly believes that healthy eating starts at birth. Rebecca also writes a leading healthy foods blog at

"Exquisitely delicious morsels of heaven! Helps thwart those PMS and emotional eating cravings. Just one tiny Goji Gourmet cookie provides enough sweetness to quash carb cravings and at the same time it's packed with feel-good antioxidants. And when you're feeling rebellious having two Goji Gourmet cookies only sets you back 50 calories! This is a lean woman's fighting tool. My favorite - the Goji Orange MintChip - mmm."

Dana James MS, CNS, CDN is a nationally recognized nutrition and weight loss expert and founder and director of the Food Coach NYC.

"Although I try to make my food cleansing program, Joulebody Kickstart, dairy and gluten free, I strongly believe in the Goji Gourmet product and give up alternative solutions for my client's "balance" dessert. The ingredients are most important to me and the use of turmeric and goji berries with no processed ingredients totally out weighs the fact that wheat or eggs are used in the recipe. I am always confident that Goji cookies are what my clients need at the end of a long day of eating and drinking cleansing, vegan based meals."

Yvette Rose is based in New York and is a Certified Health Counselor, nutrition specialist, certified holistic Practitioner, physical trainer and yoga instructor.

"Goji Gourmet's Goji Cherry Cacao flavor is heaven on earth. Not only do these bites of heaven delight the taste buds, but they also pack a punch of antioxidents and everything good for you, which makes them extra special and extraordinary in my book. As the author of Make It Memorable, these goji cookies are both memorable and a special treat. They are delightfully tasteful and remind me of something exotic - not your everyday treat or dessert."

Robyn Spizman is the Co-founder of TheGiftionary.com and author of Make It Memorable and co-author of Where's Your Wow? She is also known as "The Super Shopper" and "The Gift Guru," and has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, The Discovery Channel, CNNfn, Headline News, Talk Back Live and appear weekly on NBC in Atlanta, Georgia in "Been There Bought That" and Star 94’s, "The Giftionary Show with Cindy and Ray".

Life Balance
"As an acupuncturist, I have a very strong focus in my practice on maintaining a healthy diet. Goji Gourmet is definitely a product that I highly recommend as one of the healthiest snacks on the market. Goji berry cookies are an excellent substitute for breakfast for people that are in a rush. They taste great and provide healthy energy for the start of our day."

Certified acupuncturist, Agnieszka Rogowska, L. Ac., is a former sports-injury therapist who trained in Chinese medicine. She can be reached at 646-644-0942.

Missy Groeger
"As a personal trainer, fitness model and competitor, I watch everything that passes my lips. Feeling good from the inside out is what I live by. Goji cookies are one of the few snacks that satisfy my craving without leaving me with the guilt! High in anti-oxidants, low in calories, all while leaving me satisfied...who could ask for more!!" Missy Groeger

Missy's clinical nutrition and pharmacological background combined with her personal training career have enabled her to develop a comprehensive understanding of how to fuel the body with proper nutrition to reach optimal physical performance. She competes in bikini competitions across the United States and is currently fitness modeling. Missy trains private in-home clients and can also be found at REEBOK Sports Club on NYC's Upper West Side.

Green Grapes Nutrition Logo
"Whether you've got a hankering for a sweet snack or tasty treat, Goji Gourmet cookies will not only fulfill your craving, but graciously gratify it with wholesome, superfood-charged, preservative-free healthy eats that fit within your waist-whittling plan!"

Corinne Dobbas is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters in Nutrition from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition, Science and Policy. She counsels, speaks, and writes about health, wellness, and nutrition in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"I know from my work with my clients that to lose weight and keep the weight off that you need to feel vitally healthy and not feel deprived. We all have an inner 3 yr old that wants a treat- if we don't listen to that kid, it comes back to bite you!"

Lyn Genet Recitas, LMT, CYT became certified in Chinese Food Theory over 20 yrs ago. She has her undergrad in holistic nutrition and is currently pursuing her PhD in Naturopathic Medicine. In addition, she is certified in yoga, prenatal yoga, & older adult fitness and flexibility.

"Wow! A truly delicious and DIET FREE cookie that we all can and SHOULD eat every day. Clean, wholesome close-to-the farm goodness, portion controlled, with goji super goodness--I, my husband and my 10 year old son HIGHLY recommend them!"

As a registered dietitian, professional speaker, television host, author, guest presenter for "Oprah & Bob's Best Life Challenge," and nutrition spokesperson for Health Alliance Plan (HAP) of Michigan, Zonya Foco, RD, CHFI, CSP, is leading America in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease through smart nutrition and fitness. She is the champion of the diet-downtrodden, a coach to the nutritionally challenged and a crusader with a common-sense approach to healthy eating.

"A lot of love has gone into these tasty, bite-size treats. They're made of natural and organic real-food ingredients you can pronounce, including 100 percent whole wheat flour, antioxidant-rich fruits, dark chocolate, and organic oats. They're the perfect little sweet to pack in your child's lunchbox or keep on hand for unexpected guests."

Marsha McCulloch, MS, RD, LD, CLT, is a freelance writer for national nutrition and health magazines. She's also the owner of In The Aisles Nutrition Consulting, where she specializes in nutrition counseling and testing for food sensitivities, which can play a role in chronic health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

"I might be a Pilates instructor and health coach, but I'm a realist who's into pleasurable living. If it doesn't feel or taste good, my clients won't bother with it. When we start working together, they think that I'm going to sentence them to 10 years of carrot sticks and treadmills. Aren't they surprised when I simply ask them to simply swap out that 4pm candy bar for Goji Cherry Cacao cookies. Yet, these all-natural cookies are packed with nutrient-dense-inflammation-busting-anti-aging superfoods. Everyone is happy."

Kara L. Martin, CHHC is the owner of Vital Corps, a wellness studio that specializes in classical Pilates and holistic health coaching in NYC. With a playful yet focused approach, she gets results. Her clients have more energy, better digestion, more headache-free days, more time management skills and a stronger, toned body.


TESTIMONIALS: They aren't kidding when they say "packed with superfoods"! -Goji Fanatic from Minnesota