• No preservatives
  • All-natural
  • No refined sugar added
  • High in antioxidants
  • Delicious
  • Low calorie
  • Handmade
  • Infused with Superfoods
  • Energizing
  • Great for kids
  • Mostly organic ingredients
Goji Berries have more beta-
carotene than carrots by weight,
to fight heart diease! [read

Our Story

At Goji Gourmet, we love scrumptiously healthy organic foods and have super-charged our favorite family recipes with goji berries to create goji-licious guilt-free gourmet snacks. Goji Gourmet is committed to using Superfoods such as almonds, oats, oranges, ginger, honey, and walnuts to ensure that your sweet snacks still contribute to your overall well-being.

Our mission is to provide preservative-free (no icky chemicals!), low-sugar (we love antioxidant-packed buckwheat honey instead of refined sugar), low calorie and carbohydrate, nutrient-packed treats for you and your family to enjoy anytime of the day!

About The CEO
Allison Jagtiani Allison Jagtiani is the founder and Chief Epicurean Officer (CEO) of Goji Gourmet. She grew up as a young baker in Des Moines, Iowa (see photo, age 3) and has a love for delicious food that is still healthy.

Allison has always been very entrepreneurially-spirited. As a young child, she and her friends would go door to door selling anything from hand-drawings to sweet corn to homemade butter! Her parents started a bottled water company in Iowa in 1975, well before bottled water needs and awareness had grown to what it is today. Allison lived through the hard work and long hours of starting a business but her childhood experience had a huge impact on her and she grew to understand the freedom, empowerment and self-fulfillment of having your own business!

Allison Jagtiani After graduating from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Allison wanted to be on "Wall Street" and landed a position at UBS in New York where she worked for seven years in Equity Research. This analysis role was a wonderful experience but in the back of her mind, she always wanted to get back to the ultimate goal of owning her own business.

Shortly after resigning in March 2009, Allison learned of the benefits of goji berries. Given her love for baking, she immediately knew she wanted to create something more than a bag of berries out of this super-antioxidant, vitamin-packed, incredible berry from the Himalayan Mountains! Goji berry cookies are the company’s first step towards creating a scrumptious yet healthy line of snacks that satisfy your sweet cravings!

Allison and her husband happily married in November 2008 and they currently live in New York City.

About The Designer
Matthew Willemsen is an educator, designer and artist. He works to instill the fundamentals of visual communication in the young students he teaches at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

When he is not teaching and making art he is collaborating with new business start-ups to create professional and appropriate business identities and collateral materials. Goji Gourmet is a great example of this collaboration.

TESTIMONIALS: They aren't kidding when they say "packed with superfoods"! -Goji Fanatic from Minnesota